#NotMyQueen: A Review of The Revolutionists at Strawdog Theatre Company | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Lauren Gunderson is the most-produced female playwright of the 2018-2019 theatrical season, just as she was in the 2017-2018 season. Audiences across the country have gotten to know her work over the past few years, and many will likely be seeing a production of "The Revolutionists" this year, perhaps similar to the one directed by Denise Yvette Serna at Strawdog Theatre Company. They might not all be witness to the deconstructive array of creative elements in the scenic and lighting design of Alex Casillas and Claire Chrzan, respectively, and they certainly won't hear the innovative and engaging musical looping and audio manipulation of Spencer Meeks' sound design. But they will all watch some iteration of Gunderson's anachronistic, meta-theatrical French Revolution Thought Experiment, where playwright Olympe de Gouges (Kat McDonnell), abolitionist Marianne Angelle (Kamille Dawkins), assassin Charlotte Corday (Izis Mollinedo), and cake-loving monarch Marie Antoinette