The Stuff We're Made Of: A Review of HeLa at Sideshow Theatre & Greenhouse Productions | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Sideshow Theatre's 2018-19 season launches with J. Nicole Brooks' remarkable "HeLa," a profound meditation on the individual's relationship to the universe. "HeLa" oscillates from the corporeal body to heavenly bodies, the past to the future, the condition of the cell/self to the human condition. The play is a non-linear interweaving of Afrofuturism, the true story of Henrietta Lacks, and a little girl's love for space. Beautifully balanced by humor and poetry under Jonathan L. Green's direction, these worlds are navigated with compassion, sincerity and a curiosity for the unknown. What I like about this show is the nonlinear framework Brooks employs. The playwright tangles three indirectly related stories to create beautiful, holistic connections. (Art rooted in science is a reclamation of thought and language.) The marriage of poetry and science, life and death, supernovas and black holes happens in fractured direct addresses from the incomparable Deanna Reed-Foster. The