A Foreseeable Future: A Review of In the Canyon at Jackalope Theatre | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED There's a lot of theater happening in Chicago right now. An overwhelming amount. So many openings in October, in fact, that covering them all has proved almost impossible for any one publication. With so many options, so much talent blossoming in every direction, the idea of choosing one not-to-miss show seems foolhardy. Call me a fool: "In the Canyon" is it. Split into five parts across sixty or so years, "In the Canyon" is a thought exercise in what our country could easily become as the rights of folks with uteruses are stripped away in favor of conservative philosophies about abortion. To some, Calamity West's beautiful script might be disquieting or disturbing, but those of us whose rights are at risk might find it comforting, as I did. I believe that most of us with a uterus have thought this through already, have considered what the world could look like if the current movement to roll back Roe v. Wade is successful. It was affirming to see my fears laid out on