Joy and Celebration, Elevation and Activism at the Inaugural Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists Awards | Newcity Stage
By Emma Couling This past Monday, a day that the United States has set aside each year to celebrate a genocidal murderer who may reasonably be seen as the beginning of white terror in the Americas, The Alliance of Latinx Theatre Artists (ALTA) held their inaugural award ceremony. The significance of the date was not lost on speech-makers and nominees. "Tonight has been designated in honor of the violence and terror that has formed the heart of white power on this continent," Lucas Garcia said in the night's opening speech. "Although undoubtedly many of you have acknowledged and grappled with your own relationship to what today means in the history of the United States, I invite you all to take a moment right now to slow down, breathe, hold each other, hold the memories of your ancestors and loved ones in your heart and love courageously by remembering." It was a joyous evening focused on celebration and elevation as well as activism and movement toward a new and inclusive brand of