Love and Identity: A Review of Yasmina's Necklace at Goodman Theatre | Newcity Stage
Susaan Jamshidi/Photo: Liz Lauren "Yasmina's Necklace," Rohina Malik's living-room romance, seems a simple and familiar story at first blush: Yasmina (deftly played by Susaan Jamshidi) is an Iraqi-Muslim refugee recently moved to Chicago with her father Musa (Rom Barkhordar). Sam (Michael Perez) has very recently divorced his wife of three years. What could make for a more perfect couple? The plot struck me as almost campy at first but as the play vacillates between charmingly awkward visits between the couple's families and the creative and secret memories and reflections of Yasmina as she paints and tells her story to Sam, a poignant undertone of identity begins to unwind. The brilliance of Malik's script is that it doesn't shy away from complexity. Each of her principal characters has an intricate history and a myriad of reasons for doing what they do and each of those stories is shared with the audience. Malik is making a very strong statement: being Muslim is not one thing—being