Partially Obstructed: The Seldoms tune in to the lower frequencies in The Making | Newcity Stage
By Sharon Hoyer "I'm interested in how we get to know people—or don't and fill in the gaps," says Carrie Hanson, artistic director of The Seldoms, after a rehearsal for her new piece "The Making." "And how perception shapes this. How we recognize people in different contexts." This latest piece from Hanson plays with perception by moving the audience through three rooms of the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse; in those rooms seating, sound and stagecraft elements obstruct or magnify views of the action. "The Making," created as part of the Chicago Park District's Night Out in the Parks series, completes The Seldoms' triptych on the subject of individual and group power, beginning with "Power Goes" in 2015, which used the Johnson administration as a frame for how individuals wield power both physical and political to get what they want. Next came "RockCitizen" in 2017, an ode to 1960s counterculture. Hanson says, "'Power Goes' was about those who have power, 'RockCitizen' about those agitating