Hilariously Ham-y: A Review of Spamilton at The Royal George Theatre | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED It makes sense that the biggest musical of all time (and by "all time" I mean until something else comes around) is being parodied by none other than "Forbidden Broadway" creator Gerard Alessandrini. Sure, it might be easy to update Hamilton's opening number to the present time but not many can keep the jokes going for a solid eighty minutes. Enter Alessandrini, who has been doing parody since Lin-Manuel was in diapers. The very loose plot here involves Lin-Manuel (Yando Lopez) on a mission to prevent Broadway from "going to rot!" (and yes, this is meant to rhyme with "my shot"). To do so he must not only write an award-winning musical (inspired here by someone asking him for change for a ten-dollar bill) but also visit a broad range of Broadway mainstays including "Phantom of the Opera," "Book of Mormon" and "Wicked." Along the way he is visited by Sondheim and a variety of divas (played well by Christine Pedi). Adding to the fun are the strong vocal talents of the