Double Double, Jims in Trouble | Newcity Stage
Brian Shaw and Colm O'Reilly/Photo: Evan Hanover RECOMMENDED If you saw Mickle Maher's "The Strangerer" a decade ago then you certainly must see that play's (loose) sequel, "Jim Lehrer and the Theater and Its Double and Jim Lehrer's Double." But even if you didn't see "The Strangerer"—this critic, for instance, has only read the script—that is still no excuse for you to miss out on this odd, hilarious and ominous tumble down the rabbit hole. A brief recap before we continue: "The Strangerer" took place during the first of the 2004 presidential debates in Coral Gables, Florida. Inspired by the famous novel by Albert Camus, the candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry debate exactly how and when the two of them would murder the debate's moderator, PBS NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer. This new play borrows its basic plot structure from the dread-soaked horror of Edgar Allan Poe. It begins with a now-retired Lehrer, played by Colm O'Reilly, sitting in the room of his suburban townhouse, trying