A Dance Through the Subconscious | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Emerging from her work as a dance and movement therapist in war-torn countries, Ashley Fargnoli came to Chicago about three years ago to continue her studies after, as she explains, "almost a decade of merging dance and humanitarian work, spanning multiple continents, including India where I was working with survivors of human trafficking and where I first learned about dance/movement therapy." Fargnoli arrived after a three-year stint in Bosnia and Herzegovina using the art form as a method of post-conflict reconciliation. "I came with the goal of continuing to work with survivors of war and human trafficking. During all of my travels, I continued to train as a dancer and had the opportunity to dance with the National Ballet of Sarajevo." Fargnoli is a longtime sleeptalker, and her incidences of it began to change as she worked with conflict survivors; the differences intrigued her enough to begin recording what she said during sleep using an app that would respond to the