Shadow and Light | Newcity Stage
Nick Horst and Carson Schroeder/Photo: Gregg Gilman RECOMMENDED "There's not many places like Milton," waxes Darla London, the sole police officer in the fictional town of Milton, Nebraska, the setting for Alex Lubischer's "Bobbie Clearly." I would be inclined to disagree with Ms. London. America is full of places like Milton, populated with people who love each other. Who take care of their friends and families. Who are struggling with using "they" as a pronoun. Who had jobs in industries that have since boomed and busted. Who are worried that the world is leaving them behind. And those are just the kinds of people we meet and follow in this engrossing and deeply humane new work about the ripple effects of tragedy. Lubischer's play humbly asks: Is absolute forgiveness actually possible? "Bobbie Clearly" is a variation on documentary realism. It's a study of presentation, or who we are around others. No one in this play is ever in private even when they are alone. The "audience" is