Sisters 'til the End | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Perhaps the greatest gift art bestows on us is its ability to translate the universal into the personal. We have all read statistics that our minds simply cannot grasp: How many injured? How many killed? How many broken? "For Annie," the engrossing new play by Beth Hyland, takes the sadly well-weathered textbook of domestic abuse and translates it into the poetry of everyday life. Hyland's play was directed by Rebecca Willingham and received its all-too-short world premiere run with The Sound. The story of "For Annie" will likely be an all too familiar one because, as the statistics unfailingly demonstrate, the victims of domestic abuse are predominantly women. "For Annie" maps the conditions of abuse directly onto relationships that are familiar to the point of being archetypal. Yet the women and men of this show inhabit their roles with admirable conviction even while chatting about Justin Bieber, Snapchatting and otherwise occupying themselves with the activities of the