Wearable Landscape: An Interview with The Seldoms' Visual Artist Bob Faust | Newcity Stage
By Michael Workman Your set design for this production of The Seldoms' "RockCitizen" is part sculptural installation, part wearable art and part stage setting. How did you get involved with the production and how did the idea for it come about? A year ago, Carrie Hanson asked me to collaborate on a performance that happened at the Museum of Contemporary Art called "Power Goes," and that was the first time we ever worked together. Essentially, she was looking to me as a visual artist to create video primarily. The way she described it was that she needed, with these historic works, to have some context for the work she was delivering through the dance. So, in a similar way that she works with her sound designer, she was looking for someone else to give the audience some context. That project was a really lovely process, we all gelled really well and I totally enjoyed making the video for it and, because I was involved on the project from the beginning, that led to set design. That was