Review: Tribulation: The Musical/The Mission Theater at iO | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED In "Tribulation: The Musical, " playing now in iO's Mission Theater, mankind's worst fears are confirmed—the world is burning and murderous Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride the streets, but you still have to show up for your shitty nine-to-five. For would-be-poet Genevieve (Sarah Hoffman), not even the Rapture distracts from the fact that her dreams of intellectual stardom have given way to a data-entry gig she hates and co-workers whose companionship she dreads. And that's before her company is suddenly taken over by the Antichrist. The biggest problem with biblically based comedy is that you usually see the punchlines coming from the parking lot. Here, however, writer Molly Miller knows when to duck away from expectations and when to lean into them. Her script and lyrics spend as much time laughing at scientists and self-serious artists as it does the pocket bible and sweater vest crowd. Characters that would come off as one-note in another show are developed into three