Review: Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live/Broadway In Chicago | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Adults with kids: "Dinosaur Zoo" is an interactive puppet show about dinosaurs in the same way that a Hummer limousine is a car. It's really fun, it's bigger than normal and experiencing it once for about an hour is probably enough for anybody. The hour spent at the Broadway Playhouse during "Dinosaur Zoo" is filled with fun and excitement for the children in attendance. But it should be clear: This show is for your children. I know. "Toy Story" is "for kids, " and you loved that. The difference is "Toy Story" has the benefit of, well, a story. This show is pure edutainment. It consists of a series of prehistoric biology facts wrapped in impressive visuals and silly humor. It's the theatrical equivalent of giving your dog medicine wrapped in cheese, and cheese is the appropriate metaphor here, as the written jokes are pretty basic slapstick and gross-out humor. The "dinosaurs" (which are puppets) are very realistic and expertly maneuvered by the cast. The extremely affable