Review: Miss Marx: Or the Involuntary Side Effect of Living/Strawdog Theatre Company | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Eleanor Marx (Dana Black) is the heir to her father Karl's throne, if such a thing is possible in socialism. She translates her father's work and travels the lecture circuit, stumping for the cause. Marx also acts and translates novels and plays, starring in Ibsen's groundbreaking work, "A Doll's House." But even the most preoccupied souls suffer loneliness, and Marx starts a relationship with married writer and philosopher Edward Aveling (John Ferrick). The two attempt to defy convention by living together outside matrimony, even when Aveling's infidelities and fiscal imprudence plague the relationship. Even the most unconventional relationships face traditional problems. Philip Dawkins' high-minded script has problems as well. Dawkins has a solid handle on the show's mix of humor and pathos, but the piece feels padded by the less interesting aspects of party politics and family life. Dawkins creates truly unexpected moments; his illustrations of Aveling's cruelties