Review: Our Country's Good/Shattered Globe Theatre | Newcity Stage
In his writings on punishment, German philosopher Immanuel Kant stressed that punishment must fit the crime and that the criminal should not be used as a means to the state's end. If left up to Kant, Australia would have gone unsettled. Early Australia was a British penal colony, populated by criminals desperate to escape the hangman's noose, often for relatively insignificant crimes like prostitution and petty theft; the unfortunates were forced to serve the Crown as slave labor. Timberlake Wertenbaker's chronicle of forced emigration explores the issues behind the prisoners' struggle, sex as power and commodity, and the redemptive power of the theater. Shattered Globe's ensemble tries to keep up with the important scope of the show, but its execution sometimes misses the mark. Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark (an upstanding and empathetic Steven Peebles) hopes that the production of the restoration comedy "The Recruiting Officer" will restore morale and instill a respect for culture.