Review: All Girl Frankenstein/The Chicago Mammals | Newcity Stage
Photo: Bob Fisher RECOMMENDED The Chicago Mammal's "All Girl Frankenstein" is more akin to sculpture, film, dance, performance art or poetry than strictly narrative-based theater. But, as a Rorschach test of an idea filtered through the highly stylized sets, costumes and sound design of the Mammals' vigorously creative ensemble, "AGF" is a strangely affecting piece of art. And, though the experience is in fact highly theatrical, AGF owes a great debt to film and the notions of manipulating time through editing as well as the stylized and strategic use of sound design. In fact, "AGF" is not so much an adaption of "Frankenstein" as it is an evisceration, dissection and celebration of particular themes: sex, death, creation, unrequited love, filial and family duty, and yes, prurience, extracted from the original text and then grafted onto other theatrical forms such as commedia dell'arte, dance, film and perhaps even Butoh to create a loose and highly original riff on the seminal