Review: That's Weird, Grandma/Barrel of Monkeys | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED "That's Weird, Grandma..." You know you've heard the phrase, though just what it connotes has always remained a tad unclear. (Sometimes it's just enough to have a witty catch phrase to tickle the imagination.) So I attended last Monday's production of Barrel of Monkeys' "That's Weird, Grandma" to see what the fuss was all about. Barrel of Monkeys is an arts education group, now in its sixteenth year, and "That's Weird, Grandma," now in its twelfth year, is a showcase, variety show and veritable cavalcade of comic sketches inspired by the creative writings of underage, non-voting, non-imbibing, developing citizens. In other words, children. The educational theater troupe conducts in-school creative writing residencies to teach children the joy, skill and structure of autobiographical creative writing. They then parlay the fruits of their labors into a weekly one-hour revue, stubbornly staged in the decidedly uncommercial Monday night 8pm time slot; this is the first clue