God at Work: The Divine Genius of Steppenwolf Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney | Newcity Stage
By Johnny Oleksinski "I'm a sock guy. I love socks," says Tarell Alvin McCraney, glancing down at my feet. I'm wearing striped socks with an alternating spectrum of pinks divided by thin lines of navy blue. That proudly garish footwear is accompanied by a new blazer with patched elbows, a pressed pink shirt buttoned up to the neck, dark skinny jeans and black leather shoes. My outfit was strategic. It's always ideal to relate to the person you're interviewing, not unlike in a job interview, and McCraney is an impeccable dresser. A perusal of his past photo shoots reveals a meticulous ensemble that's Buddy Holly-cum-GQ model, scholarly but easygoing. Explaining my own prim-and-proper appearance, I tell him that I'm prematurely dressed for the opera—a partly true statement. Sure, I am going to Lyric later, but I'd attend the opera in a hoodie without much hesitation. Right now, I am dressed to impress. "I actually have those socks," he points out. Skeptically I reply, "I bought them at