Review: Completeness/Theater Wit | Newcity Stage
Photo: Charles Osgood RECOMMENDED As an instructor in DePaul's College of Computing and Digital Media, I chafe when I see "computer geeks" dramatized for the stage. They never resemble the folks I work with. My colleagues are not only technologically brilliant but they can express themselves and maintain relationships; none of them wear glasses taped together at the bridge. Thankfully, Itamar Moses avoids those tired stereotypes and offers some new insight on love and connection; his fully fleshed-out characters bring home the difficulties in store as people who live in their heads act with their hearts. Eliott (Matt Holzfeind) is a computer-science grad student vying for the attention of Molly (Kristina Valada-Viars), a biology grad student in search of help organizing her research. Interdepartmental cooperation leads to sex, which leads to love, which leads to the bittersweet confusion about "the future" that Moses' script nails. Holzfeind and Valada-Viars capture the characters'