Review: The Letters/Writers' Theatre | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Borrowed from its own script, "it's a blessing to be satisfied with so little" is an excellent way of describing "The Letters" at Writers' Theatre in Glencoe. Short and sweet at just seventy-five minutes, John Lowell's 2008 potboiler transforms the bookshop theater space into a 1930s Russian government office in its regional debut with direction by critically acclaimed Kimberly Senior. Set under the relentless rule of Stalin prior to WWII, the Orwellian fear of government institutions smothering its citizens was all too real. "The Letters" is not necessarily a period piece, rather a study in dramatic structure. Relying on the interview device, Lowell delicately coaxes guilt out of his two characters. Immediately at unease, government transcriber Anna (Kate Fry) nervously fidgets while waiting in her boss' office. Once the brazen and smug Director (Mark L. Montgomery) enters, tension starts to build. It is implied that Anna is guilty of something, but what she's guilty of