Review: Fuddy Meers/Ka-Tet Theatre Company | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Amnesia victim Claire (Kathryn Bartholomew) wakes each morning to a new reality; she can't remember her old one. Husband Richard (Giuseppe A. Ribaudo) and son Kenny (Kevin Lambert) put their battles aside to care for her until brother Zach (Andrew Marchetti) kidnaps her and takes her to her mother Gertie's (Daria T. Harper) house, where she meets Zach's henchman Millet (David Cady) and girlfriend, Heidi (Stevie Chaddock Lambert). Nothing is as it seems as the narrative reveals new realities, layer by layer. The show's well-executed, fast-paced wackiness delivers. Bartholomew's touch is deft and Ribaudo provides enjoyable, spastic spectacle; the ensemble has the necessary chops to handle the physical humor. Designer Chad Bianchi's set looks appropriately handmade and director James Whittington understands the humor's rhythm. But David Lindsay Abaire's script doesn't make us care. In between the nicely delivered toss-offs and well-staged chaos, the high-energy plot doesn't