Review: The Arsonists/Trap Door Theatre | Newcity Stage
Michael Doonan and Tiffany Bedwell/ Photo: Michal Janicky RECOMMENDED Fear is always lurking in the absurdist comedies of 1950s Europe. With a populace facing a daunting reconstruction in the shadow of two World Wars, how could it not be? Dramatists like the Romanian Eugene Ionesco with his 1959 "Rhinoceros" and the Swiss Max Frisch in his 1958 play, "The Fire Raisers," jumped atop the paranoia with an artist's verve, interpreting the terror of their surroundings in a style that would later become known as Theatre of the Absurd. But Trap Door Theatre is taking Frisch's absurd play, titled "The Arsonists" by English adaptor Alistair Beaton, one maniacal step further in its presentation. Guest director Victor Quezada-Perez, the artistic director of Parisian company Cie Umbral, brings his masterful expertise in the art of clowning to this mesmerizing and disturbing production in which each and every character is based in the European clowning tradition—white-faced with red nose and