Review: Dirty/The Gift Theatre | Newcity Stage
Michael Patrick Thornton and Hillary Clemens/Photo: Joshua Longbrake RECOMMENDED The provocatively titled new pornography play "Dirty," at The Gift Theatre, is not really about porn. Onscreen smut may be the shiny outer shell of rising star Andrew Hinderaker's hard-hitting world premiere, but, on the inside, it is a sophisticated, timely conversation on America's "best laid plans," magnified by the most paradoxical trade—professional lovemaking. A similar story of glorious intentions foiled by prevailing hypocrisies could be written around any number of financial pursuits, but the shameful stigma that surrounds the porn industry combined with its unfathomable economic prosperity allows the audience to struggle morally with a married couple's quintessentially American desire to reach the top—and the means by which they get there. Matt Barnes is a self-proclaimed "vulture"—a finance man—wisely reminding us that vultures too must feed and protect their families. Matt holds the audience