Review: The Admirable Crichton/American Players Theatre | Newcity Stage
James Ridge and Susan Shunk/Photo: Zane Williams RECOMMENDED Falling, as it did, at the end of a weekend theater marathon (four plays, three days) and positioned between a sumptuous brunch and a daunting drive back to Chicago, coupled with the relative contemporary unfamiliarity of playwright J.M. Barrie's work beyond, of course, "Peter Pan," expectations were running low for "The Admirable Crichton" among my group of friends attending the show together. One suggested the reasonable possibility of an escape at intermission. I did not even tell anyone of my vague recollections of one of The Algonquin Roundtablers using Barrie as some kind of punching bag in The New Yorker's theater pages, nor of my chat with the usher that revealed a three-hour show in the offing (actually just two-and-a-half hours, it turns out). And then the rain came. The elements are a regular foe at APT's outdoor theater; they treat rain much like a baseball game: delays, rainouts, rainchecks. We ponchoed up and