Review: Symmetry Breaking/On The Spot Theatre | Newcity Stage
An ambitious work that attempts to not only tell a compelling human story but also ignite newfound amazement for a science normally thought of only in terms of esoteric equations, "Symmetry Breaking" takes a great deal onto its plate and breaks too far by the end for it to remain coherent. Talented physicist Samantha Braithwaite (Kitty Mortland) meets her college love Brady (Dan Ochoa) after she arrives at their alma mater to give a keynote speech on particle physics. In the ensuing conversation and reflection we see that their relationship was far more tumultuous than most, but with more courage perhaps they would have been able to go the distance. What is worse is that despite leading honorable lives since (Brady is also a veteran of the Iraq War, a fact which seems awkwardly grafted on to the rest of the play), they both retain the debilitating knowledge of what they lost and could have had. To the side are two unhappy professors (Duchyll Martin Smith and Tony Papaleo) with whom