Touched by Angels: A Personal Journey with Tony Kushner's Masterpiece | Newcity Stage
Review: Angels in America/Court Theatre RECOMMENDED Perhaps the best theatrical experience is always personal, but ever since I saw "Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches" during the premiere run of its national tour at the Royal George in 1994, I've had a particular attachment to this show, which I've long considered the best new play of my adult lifetime. I grew up in a typically cloistered Christian suburbia, at a time and place when homophobia born of ignorance was the casual norm. Like the character Joe Pitt, I entered a professional world with a commitment to conservatism in tow. As a straight man, the closet I emerged from was intellectual; after starting Newcity and building relationships with the creative world, the hypothetical existence of gay men became real to me about the same time that AIDS starting wiping them out, creating our own Lost Generation. It's impossible to convey to someone who was not around at the time the shocking devastation of the epidemic;