Growing Pains: Breakbone becomes BONEdanse, changing its name and ways | Newcity Stage
Adolescence is a time of rapid, often confusing and, for some, painful change—identities come into question, rebellions flare, bones quite literally ache. Atalee Judy finds herself experiencing such restlessness as her company, formerly known as Breakbone Dance Co, enters its teenage years. "The change of the name is very symbolic of the change in people's lives and my own desire not to be categorized or pegged," she says. "I have an aversion to stagnation and being seen as one thing. That's probably from the punk scene: messing around with different identities." Judy, a lifelong punk, is the creator of bodyslam technique: a strength-intensive, gravity-embracing movement approach forged from the kinesis of mosh pits, dojos and dance studios. Breakbone Dance Co was the name synonymous with the technique; audiences could expect a Breakbone show to be aggressive and political—a fist raised in defiance rather than an evening of refined aesthetics or cerebral abstraction. When Judy