Historical Materialism: Cupola Bobber takes on the chronicle of America | Newcity Stage
By Monica Westin Collaborative performance duo Cupola Bobber, comprised of Stephen Fiehn and Tyler Myers, will be relocating from Chicago to New York this spring—but not before they put on "The Field, The Mantel," possibly their most rigorously intellectual full-length performance piece to date, in their intimate studio space in Humboldt Park. In addition to live and durational video performances, Fiehn and Myers have published collaborative writing, often as companion pieces to their shows—and this engagement of text shows in each one of the performances, which often work in thematically embodied essays, diligently researched and richly nuanced. Their last performance in Chicago, "Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me," commissioned by PS122 in NYC, Links Hall in Chicago and the National Performance Network, combined ruminations about the sea with provocative historical vignettes. Cupola Bobber spent this year touring the piece internationally before returning home to Chicago to work on