Shooting Star: The remarkable ascent of Steppenwolf's Jon Michael Hill | Newcity Stage
By Brian Hieggelke Close your eyes and become a 21 year old, dreaming about your future. Maybe you want to be a lawyer, or a doctor, even an accountant. Or how about a real reverie, an actor? Now picture yourself, still finishing up college, sitting in the office of the leader of what you believe to be America's premier theater company. "We'd like to have you join the ensemble," Martha Lavey, the artistic director of Steppenwolf, tells you. This wakes you up. Too unreal. The Steppenwolf ensemble is an honor that just doesn't get offered as a starting job. It'd be like a newly minted MBA joining Goldman Sachs—as a partner. "I went back to school and over Christmas break is when Martha called me and I was supposed to do a reading with Tracy Letts and she said 'meet me in my office beforehand'," Jon Michael Hill recalls. "They said they were bringing in six new members and they wanted me to be one of them. I kind of had to pull myself together in the bathroom before going up and doing a