Review: I Do! I Do!/Light Opera Works | Newcity Stage
Kudos to Light Opera Works for once again digging into the canon of classic neglected works of the American musical-theater tradition for this year's "Second Stage" presentation rather than presenting another revue as became custom for a few seasons. "I Do! I Do!" was the third follow-up to Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones' stellar success "The Fantasticks, " which opened in 1960 and would go on to break all records and play until 2002. Even in 1966 when "I Do! I Do!" opened, however, "The Fantasticks" had already been running for six years. Written for Broadway veterans Mary Martin and Robert Preston, "I Do! I Do!" is a two-person show that traces the effect of marriage on a couple across a fifty-year period from the turn of the twentieth century. Since neither performer could sing at that point, the songs are largely recitative and require Broadway-style sprechstimme in the manner Lerner and Loewe had perfected for Rex Harrison in "My Fair Lady" and for Richard Burton in "Camelot."