Sci Fi High: Redmoon creates "The Astronaut's Birthday" on the MCA's facade | Newcity Stage
Next week Redmoon Theater will unveil their latest collaboration with MCA Stage, "The Astronaut's Birthday," a performance about an astronaut's journey home to earth that will turn the MCA's front façade into comic-book- and 1950s-sci-fi-inspired frames that incorporate hand-illustrated shadow puppets, live actors and projections. We spoke with Redmoon Artistic Director Frank Maugeri about retro technology and the challenges of the MCA space. In this piece you make use of a lot of handmade, almost primitive technology—what will the performance look like? We use close to 700 hand-drawn hand-inked hand-gelled images that will be projected along the entire façade of the MCA. The piece has remarkable colorful generosity to it, though it's based on the four-color system of Marvel Comics. We chose this simple palette because the press in 1960s comics, one of our major inspirations, only worked with rudimentary colors, and we also play with what feel like press-making mistakes, with washed