Review: Generic Latina 2010/Teatro Luna | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Teatro Luna shows have always been a sweet yet satisfying soufflé of light comic sketches, penetrating monologues and jubilant musical and choreographic sequences. The long-standing core company of writer/creator/performers was one of the best ensembles I had ever had the privilege of watching: pint-sized spitfire Belinda Cervantes; sultry Yadira Correa, who could effortlessly squeeze sexual suggestiveness out of any line and who commanded the stage with her Amazonian stature; Miranda Gonzalez, another sexy Latina bombshell whose braininess also made her the thinking man's Sonia Braga; Suzette Mayobre, the prim and proper light-skinned Latina with no accent who could play all of the "she isn't Latina, is she?" parts and who took over that role once inhabited by original co-artistic director Coya Paz; Tanya Saracho, original co-artistic director, the brains behind the beauty, and the Luna who most turned her struggles with weight and body image issues into some of the