The Odyssey of Cromer: A director's epic journey from Chicago storefront to the pinnacle of American theater and back | Newcity Stage
By Fabrizio O. Almeida "Angels in America, Part I": An angel appears accompanied by a flash of light so bright you have to block your eyes. An aural cluster of classical compositions (Stravinsky, Verdi) blasts while the incessant sound of fluttering wings catches up to your heartbeat, an experience akin to the THX Dolby Digital surround sound in a movie theater that vibrates from up and under your chair and into your body. "Adding Machine": A visual journey into an expressionistic world of chiaroscuro lighting effects and dark sensibilities. "Picnic": You enter the theater and are enveloped in a world of live tree branches and gorgeous green grass. "Our Town": A fugue of smells—the aroma of coffee percolating and bacon sizzling—from a kitchen so real you could move in yesterday. These are David Cromer moments. David Cromer is the 45-year old former Chicago actor/director and current New York directorial shining star beloved by both cities, a man whose enormous talent has brought him