Review: 11:11/The New Colony | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED A good chunk of my youth was spent at summer camp, and I loved the intense relationships that formed over a matter of days. It always felt like you were going to be BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER!!! A goofy but intensely gossipy slumber-party culture permeates summer camp. For all its unobscured nature and forestation, camp always felt like a strangely hermetic environment, but to this day I'd rather swim in a lake than the ocean. I'd also rather watch "Wet Hot American Summer" than just about anything else starring Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black. I never went to Jesus camp, but judging by the atmosphere captured in "11:11"—the high-spirited, genuinely funny comedy from The New Colony currently occupying the upstairs studio at the Victory Gardens Biograph—apparently it's not that different from any other camp. Camp is camp. The counselors here may drop references to God and Jesus the way I used to obsess over care packages. But when it comes to the all-over "camp" vibe,