End of the Zeroes: Operating Budgets Then and Now | Newcity Stage
Annoyance Theatre (founded 1987) "We don't really have a regular operating budget—just plan as we go along." —Jennifer Estlin, President, Annoyance Theatre The Artistic Home (founded 1998) End of nineties: $62,000 End of zeroes: $164,500 Bailiwick Chicago (founded 2009) End of nineties: N/A (Bailiwick Repertory is now defunct) End of zeroes: $120,000 projected 2010 Chicago Dramatists (founded 1979) End of nineties: $171,000 End of zeroes: $550,000 Collaboraction (founded 1996) End of nineties: $50,000 End of zeroes: $500,000 Court Theatre (founded 1955) End of nineties: $2.6 million End of zeroes: $3.2 million The Factory Theater (founded 1992) "I actually do not know what it was in the nineties since I was not around and some of that information didn't survive being pulled forward. Probably not very much. These days it fluctuates around the 50k mark." — Carrie J. Sullivan, Executive Director, The Factory Theater First Folio Theatre (founded 1997) End of nineties: $95,000 End of zeroes