Latin Reconnection: Founder Eduardo Vilaro returns for Luna Negra's Fall Performance | Newcity Stage
In the midst of this, their tenth anniversary year, the founder and artistic director of Luna Negra Dance Theater moved to New York to take the helm of Ballet Hispanico: the first company he danced with professionally. This week, Eduardo Vilaro is back in town to premiere "Danzon," new work for Luna Negra, now in the process of vetting a new creative director. The return is a comfortable one; talking with him in the rehearsal space on South Wabash, watching him direct and critique during rehearsal, it doesn't feel as though Vilaro ever left. "I miss Chicago," Vilaro says. A Cuban immigrant, he spent his later childhood and early professional life in New York, then left fifteen years ago when the city was still, as he puts it, on edge. "It's lost a little bit of that edge, but what it hasn't lost is this constant energy of creation, both capitalistically and artistically—there's a lot of movement." New York has changed significantly in the last decade and a half, but Vilaro is quite