At Rise, a Star is Born: How Mattie Hawkinson became the talk of the town at Victory Gardens this summer | Newcity Stage
By Brian Hieggelke Here's how Mattie Hawkinson's spending her summer in Chicago: babysitting for her friends, playing with their dogs, showing her extended family around the sites of Chicago—"I've been to the Art Institute so many times I almost bought a membership"—going for ice cream, taking walks in the park. "Anything innocent," she says. Kind of a mother's dream, when your twentysomething daughter's living thousands of miles away in the big city. Except that every day at 7:30pm, she steps onto the stage at the Biograph Theatre and steps into the role of Una, the victim of a pedophile more than a decade earlier when she was twelve. And that pedophile, who she spends the next ninety or so minutes locked into a confrontation with, is played by none other than Chicago theater's reigning leading man, William Petersen, who famously deserted top billing in television's top show, "CSI," so that he could return to the town of his formative years, and play roles like that of the onetime