Review: The Cousins Grimm/Bailiwick Repertory | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Bailiwick's 'Cousins Grimm" begins with the song "Why not a Fairytale?" and by the end of Scott Ferguson's world-premiere production, the audience feels like singing along. A musical about playwrights creating a gay, musical version of the Grimm's fairytales may sound ridiculous—and it is—but it is also fabulous. Shamelessly campy, Bailiwick's "The Cousins Grimm" is jam-packed with laughs—so much so that one audience member said that her mouth hurt from smiling. In between the witty jokes, the crazy costumes and the larger-than-life characters, viewers catch a glimpse of themselves in stories about struggling against losing hope and losing love. They can also see some great performers. Consistently hilarious and with excellent comedic timing in his many roles, Chad is very skilled at cycling between parts, even when that means alternating from a human voice to an animal voice and back. As a duck, as a frog, and in his lead role as Leon the bitter and frustrated