Poetry in Motion: Lynne McMahon takes flight at The Side Project | Newcity Stage
By Monica Westin Lynne McMahon, whose poems have appeared everywhere from The New Yorker to The Paris Review to Rolling Stone, and who has been the recipient of awards and grants from the Guggenheim Foundation and The American Academy of Arts and Letters, has teamed up with The Side Project Theatre Company for the first full production of her new play "Bird Sanctuary." Adam Webster of The Side Project describes falling in love with the way that Lynne's dialogue worked on the page: "I saw the monologues and direct addresses physically dovetailing into each other, and then splintering apart, reassembling in dialogue, and then fraying again. I was fascinated and intrigued as to how she was able to physicalize that, and I wanted to do the same." I talked with McMahon just before the opening of "Bird Sanctuary" about her foray into dramatic writing. I've read your poetry for a long time and think of you primarily as a poet, and I was going to ask whether this was your first play, but then