Preview: This Country's F$cked/Schadenfreude and GayCo | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Two of my favorite sketch-comedy ensembles are joining forces to lampoon that topic at the forefront of so many minds, American politics—this is going to be good. Schadenfreude (pictured) and GayCo, along with different special guests each night, will storm the Lakeshore Theatre on October 18 and 25 to give their take on the current election season and the issues facing our great nation. The show, "This Country's F$cked! or God Damn, America…," promises to cover the entire hotbed of issues from filling potholes to the war. In their own words, "Be prepared for a variety of acts standing on a soapbox, cleverly disguising polemic in the form of jokes. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative—we can all agree on one thing: This Country's F$cked." Conservative Republicans, I have a feeling this one is not for you. (William Scott) At Lakeshore Theater, 3175 N. Broadway, (773)472-3492. October 18 & 25.