Happy New Year…Again | Newcity Stage
Most of us have probably already broken a New Year's resolution or two already, but no worries: Chinese New Year is just around the corner. "More people in the world celebrate the lunar New Year than any other New Year's celebration," says Yi Lui, who works with Sound of Hope radio, one of the Chicago sponsors of the Chinese New Year Spectacular. "It also is the longest-lasting New Year's celebration since it begins fifteen days before the New Year begins and lasts another fifteen days after the New Year." This year is the Year of the Rat, which officially begins at the new moon on February 7. "It's a fun and festive time," says Sen Yang, president of Mid US Falun DaFa, another local organizer of the event, "because kids get to stay up late, eat special foods that you don't get any other time of year, families are together and kids get gifts of money in red envelopes. It's also the time when the god of the stove, or kitchen, reports on any bad actions of the family during the past