Preview: Diamanda Galas | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED How appropriate that conceptual artist Diamanda Galas is making a rare visit to the area Halloween week, given that her use of double meanings, metaphor and satire in her work have led many to dub her as the "diabolical diva." Galas' 1981 debut album, "The Litanies of Satan" (Mute), became an underground cult classic among heavy-metal fans who interpreted her spine-chilling use of solo voice, tape and electronics to re-create "the emeraldine perversity of the live struggle in Hell" as a literal exercise, when in actuality the work was a setting of the poem of the same name by nineteenth-century French poet Charles Baudelaire. An established pianist and operatically trained bel canto singer with an extraordinary four-octave range that extends from contralto to coloratura, sometimes in a single bound, Galas is a true original with a voice that can express an infinite variety of vocal textures and timbres that can have a chilling effect on listeners and which has been used to