Review: A Steady Rain/Chicago Dramatists | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED A pair of Chicago beat cops sit in an empty room—somewhere in a precinct, judging by Tom Burch's excellent set design—and tell of a rainy summer when all hell broke loose. The police story—of men felled by crimes they seek to thwart—is a well-worn genre, but rare is the play so purely intelligent and entertaining. Denny is the family man, an alpha male as politically incorrect as he is self-righteous. He is a teddy bear. He is an irrational prick. He is a stand-up guy about to fall to his knees. Playwright Keith Huff has an ear for the way men like this talk, the old-style Chicago sound, the bruising casualness (and hilarity) of their insults. You can't fault Denny's logic, which is what makes the character (cunningly played by Randy Steinmeyer) so much more than a cliché: "They want tolerance from me," he says of the "gangbanging ethno-shit in the back seat" of the squad car, "they should start tolerating my intolerance." His undoing is a hooker with a "heart-shaped