Review: The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz/House Theatre | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED With the complete original cast reprising their delicious turns, returning to "The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz" was always likely to be a good thing. And despite the change in scenery—Skokie's Northlight Theatre is where Dorothy and her friends have landed since a tornado whisked them away from Chicago's Viaduct Theatre sixteen months ago—the House Theatre's hit revisionist take on the L. Frank Baum classic is in terrific shape, having lost little in transition to the suburbs. Indeed, despite an opening night technical glitch (that those clever Housters nonetheless turned into a joke by evening's end), some original staging that was less than effective as played in Northlight's three-quarters in the round configuration and an audience participation that was a little quieter than what would normally befit the House, it's remarkable how much this show accomplishes in its two short hours. But all the visual and narrative inventiveness aside, I found that the show's