Review: The Snow Queen/Victory Gardens Theater | Newcity Stage
This world-premiere musical adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen" is so awkwardly amateurish in content and presentation that, given the level of some of the talent involved—including Tony Award-winning director Frank Galati—it offers proof positive that a show can add up to much less than the sum of its "what were they thinking?" parts. Could the famous fairy tale be told in folk-rock style? Perhaps, but for starters, a score is needed that actually tells the story instead of stringing a series of unrelated and unmelodic songs together about how cold it is, that the Snow Queen is coming, coming, coming (yeah, we got it after one chorus) and other tedious insights that we know already before a note is ever sung. It also would help to have the music performed in tune and with instrumentalists who are in sync (the stage drummer hopelessly lags behind the overloud electric bass player) and the attempted pseudo-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young harmonies sometimes