Review: "Blue/Orange"/Actors Revolution Theatre | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED With their production of "Extremities, " Actors Revolution Theatre proved that they could do big drama in small spaces, staging a psychologically intense play within an intimate setting and sustaining the right amount of dramatic tension without reaching an emotional fever pitch too soon. Their follow-up, Shakespeare's "Richard II," showed that the company had the acting chops to deliver memorable characters amidst wordy storytelling without verbalizing its audience to death. So it comes as no surprise that their revival of "Blue/Orange," playwright Joe Penhall's provocative, psychologically taut and verbose three-hander, has been given an engrossing and superbly acted production within the tiny confines of the Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theatre. Despite a simple plot—two white doctors in a London psychiatric hospital battle it out over the fate of a mentally troubled young black patient—the play is complex in its exploration of far-ranging subjects such as racism,