Review: What's Wrong with Angry?/Circle Theatre | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED The song titles alone that make up the late-eighties/early-nineties soundtrack to playwright Patrick Wilde's "What's Wrong with Angry?" could summarize the teenage-angst onstage: "Under Pressure"; "Can't Help Falling in Love"; "Everybody Hurts"; "A Little Respect." But without intending to marginalize this funny, intimate and charming Circle Theatre production, I think the play will strike profounder chords with gay and gay-friendly audiences, especially those who came of age in the days of crimped hairstyles and colorful DayGlo (the latter briefly played homage to in a moment of inspired lighting design). Certainly the play, charting a gay teenager's wonderfully miserable affair with the closeted high-school athlete, speaks to the universal feelings of exclusion felt by any "different" individual struggling to find a place at the sometimes unwelcoming social table. But it speaks loudest through its fearless-yet-humorous depictions of the male growing-up-gay experience: