Daily polling roundup 9th April – Number Cruncher Politics
What a day! Five new GB-wide polls, a Scottish poll and a Northern Ireland panel forecast. First up we had TNS, which was polled over the bank holiday weekend and showed Labour 3 points ahead. The five previous TNS polls this year have either shown the Conservatives and Labour neck-and-neck, or Labour way out (at least 6 points) in front, so a three-point Labour lead is a bit of a novelty: TNS: CON 30 (-3) LAB 33 (+1) LIB 8 (=) UKIP 19 (+3) GRN 4 (-1) Fieldwork 2nd-7th N=1,207 Tabs — NumbrCrunchrPolitics (@NCPoliticsUK) April 9, 2015 Panelbase, having shown the parties neck-and-neck in their first GB