Daily polling roundup 23rd March – Number Cruncher Politics
Monday lived up to its “pollercoaster” repuation with the usual three GB-wide polls, after an ICM/Guardian Scottish poll. I’ll post an update on Scotland shortly, but in the meantime here’s John Curtice’s analysis, and Tom Clark’s Guardian writeup. Essentially there’s very little change at all from ICM’s last Scottish poll in December: ICM/Gdn (Scot WM) SNP 43 (=) CON 14 (+1) LAB 27 (+1) LIB 6 (=) UKIP 7 (=) GRN 3 (-1) D 13-19 N=1002 Writeup #GE2015 — NumbrCrunchrPolitics (@NCPoliticsUK) March 23, 2015 Populus showed very little change from Friday, confirming the lack of anything but the most ephemeral budget bounce: Populus: CON 31 (=) LAB 33 (-1) LIB 9 (=) UKIP